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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mammals: Polar Bear


The Polar Bear is the largest existant carnivore species residing on land, twice the weight of a Siberian tiger or lion. Most adult males weigh from 400 to 600 kg (880 to 1300 lb) and exceptionally, up to 800 kg (1750 lb). The Kodiak sub-species of the brown bear, an omnivore, is sometimes as large. The largest polar bear on record was shot at Kotzebue Sound, Alaska in 1960. This male was estimated to weigh about 880 kg (1960 lb). Mounted, it was 3.38 m (143 in) tall.

Females are about half the size of males and normally weigh 200 to 300 kg (450 to 650 lb). Adult males measure 2.4 to 2.6 m (95 to 102 in); females, 1.9 to 2.1 m (75 to 83 in). At birth, cubs weigh 600 to 700 g.

Status:The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) moved into the threatened categories after being reassessed as Vulnerable for the 2006 Red List. Recent modelling of the trends for sea ice extent, thickness and timing of coverage predicts dramatic reductions in sea ice coverage over the next 50.100 years due to global climate change. It is suspected that there will be a population reduction of at least 30% over the next 45 years as a result of this habitat loss and declining habitat quality. Other threats to the population include pollution, and disturbance from shipping, recreational viewing, oil and gas exploration and development, and potential risk of over-harvesting (as a result of both legal and illegal hunting) in future.


  • I believe the Polar Bears and the glaciers will be wonders of nature that our grandchildren will never see.

    By Blogger CyberCelt, at 23:48  

  • I love all animals and it hurts me to see that most are not going to be around any more, I think it's horrible.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:18  

  • This is complete bullsh*t. According to the WWF, about 20 distinct polar bear populations exist, accounting for approximately 22,000 polar bears worldwide. Population patterns do not show a decline.

    Only two of the distinct population groups, accounting for about 16.4 percent of the total population, are decreasing. Ten populations, approximately 45.4 percent of the total number, are stable. Another two populations — about 13.6 percent of the total number of polar bears — are increasing. Before these figures were assmebled, the number of polar bears had tripled since the 1970s. Animal populations simply fluctuate over long periods. They are rarely ever in stasis.

    Look people, Polar Bears can live very well in a warmer world. Go to any zoo in the land and you'll see happy bears. In the 1930s, the Artic temperatures were what they are now and the bears did fine.

    Here's the scoop on Global Warming™ kiddies. The climate has been warming and cooling since the earth was new. It is never in stasis (There's that word again, look it up). Nothing we are experiencing now is out of the norm. At one point there were wine grapes being grown in the UK. At another point the Brits were ice skating on the Thames. At both extremes people and animals got along just peachy.

    Ask an eco-wacko this: What makes climate that we have right now the right one? Can you give me an answer?

    By Anonymous G Jiggy, at 06:32  

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