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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reptiles: Iberian Rock Lizard

Status: Iberolacerta cyreni is endemic to the central mountain system of Spain, where it is a reasonably common species in several areas. However, its populations are highly fragmented and are threatened by habitat loss, especially due to the construction of ski resorts and roads. It might also be adversely affected in future by climate change. Currently listed as Endangered.

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  • So many creatures in the world that we as a society are threatening with our way of life. I dream of a future where we take into consideration the habitats of animals before we build, expand, or decide where to have another ski resort.

    Kathy Lindberg
    The Wild Bon Bon

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  • I didn't know such a large number of animals are endangered. How sad! Thank you for this blog and please keep it up.

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