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Friday, July 01, 2005

Reptiles: Woma Python


The woma python is distinguished from other Australian pythons by its narrow head which is barely distinct from the neck. It has small eyes, smooth scales, a broad body and a thin tail. This species is coloured grey, olive, brown or rich red-brown above, with several darker olive, brown to black cross-bands on the body. The sides are paler and the underside is a cream to yellow colour, with pink or brown blotches. The woma python and its relative the black-headed python, do not have heat sensitive pits bordering the mouth like other pythons.

This species is found in the Australian interior, from central Australia into the south-western edge of Queensland, and into northern South Australia.

Status: Classified as Endangered (EN A1c) on the IUCN Red List 2000, and listed on Schedule 4 (Specially Protected Fauna) of the Western Australian Wildlife Conservation Act.

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  • Very distinctive looking python. By the way I like your blog! Hence it's blogmarked.

    By Blogger Q, at 14:15  

  • Nice to know you appreciate it! :)

    By Blogger Daldianus, at 14:39  

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